Student contest spotlights human trafficking

by Malcolm Curtis in Geneva | | November 22, 2011

A unique competition for Swiss university students highlights the threat posed by human trafficking to global businesses while seeking solutions to the problem.

Launched on Monday night at Geneva University, the contest with cash prizes invites students to write papers on how companies can tackle what is now the third-largest criminal activity in the world after arms and drugs trading.

Often hidden, human trafficking includes child labour and the forced employment of men and women against their will. Such illicit practices enslave millions of people and generate around $32 billion (SFr29.28 billion) in profits annually, according to the United Nations.

The student competition, the first of its kind, was unveiled by End Human Trafficking Now (EHTN), a Geneva-based non-government organisation.

Founded in 2006, the group is working with businesses to conduct an awareness campaign about human trafficking, its victims and causes. The campaign also highlights the associated risks to reputation that loom for companies that outsource work without paying sufficient attention to labour conditions.

To read more, check the website.


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