Scientists challenge Swiss food traditions

by Malcolm Curtis | | January 26, 2012

Will legendary salty Swiss delicacies like Gruyere cheese, cervelas sausage and silserli bread ever be the same again? Such icons of Switzerland’s national diet are coming under closer scrutiny following a government health campaign to reduce salt consumption.

Swiss researchers have evaluated options to significantly cut the amount of sodium chloride (“salt”) contained in many kinds of food. In a recent study, scientists from the Bern University of Applied Sciences say it is possible to do this without compromising product quality or food safety.

The study, conducted at the university’s School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) in Zollikofen, involved testing processed food, such as bread, meat products and prepared meals, which was reformulated to contain less salt. Among the key findings was that bread offers one of the best opportunities for cutting sodium.

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