Zurich bans minors from sex trade

by Malcolm Curtis | The Local, Switzerland | January 26, 2012

Wide open prostitution is coming to an end in Zurich after the city council approved measures to ban minors under the age of 18 from plying the sex trade. In a 108-to-nine vote, the council on Wednesday night adopted regulations designed to prevent 16- and 17-year-olds from practising the world’s oldest profession on the street or indoors.

Swiss federal law only makes prostitution unlawful for people who have not reached the age of 16. But the city of Zurich’s new regulations get around that hurdle by requiring prostitutes to take out a permit, under a contract which minors are ineligible to sign.

The new rules require prostitutes to pay an annual fee, in addition to showing proof of health insurance coverage and a work permit. Zurich council also introduced the licensing of “sex salons” to ensure the prostitutes they employ meet the new requirements, with the threat of fines against offenders.

To read more, check TheLocal.ch


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