Swiss army ‘loses track’ of 10,000 firearms

by Malcolm Curtis | The Local, Switzerland | June 19, 2012

The Swiss department of defence says it no longer knows the whereabouts of up to 10,000 military firearms issued to Swiss soldiers who have completed their service.

Over the past 12 months the department said it had retrieved 6,500 guns issued to former servicemen after checking 309,000 files.

But thousands of soldiers have failed to return information about the equipment issued to them as required after their period of service ends.

The records include information about firearms and equipment issued to the soldiers.

The army said it would be issuing follow-up letters reminding veterans of the need to contact authorities.

In March, the army noted missing information in the records of 27,000 former soldiers who had served in the previous six years.

Subsequently, 17,000 of these have been brought up to date.

The army said it is aware of 300 men who have failed to disarm after being notified to do so.

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