Snake expert in agony after Swiss viper bite

by Malcolm Curtis | The Local, Switzerland | July 7, 2012

A reptile specialist in Fribourg was rushed to hospital after being bitten by a snake he was displaying to a team of journalists in the Neirivue region.

The 53-year-old doctor was showing off an aspic viper to a reporter and a photographer conducting research into snakes in the region on Thursday, cantonal police said.

The expert was giving the pair information about the snake when it attacked him, police said.

The mishap occurred during a photo shoot while the doctor was holding the 80-centimetre viper in his hands.

The snake suddenly lunged after an insect on the man’s hand.

The surprised doctor partly let go of the snake and it bit him on the hand.

The expert returned the snake to the rocky area where it was found, but upon his return he went into convulsions, police said.

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