Campaign calls for more women in Swiss boardrooms

by MalcolmCurtis|The Local, Switzerland|October 9, 2012
Two hundred leading Swiss personalities are supporting a bid to boost the number of women in executive positions through a quota system.

The proposal for a 30 percent quota of females in the boardrooms of Swiss companies is being championed by Annabelle, a German-language women’s magazine.

“Sometimes it just takes just one woman to change Switzerland – sometimes 30 percent,” the magazine says on a front cover featuring Mabel Zuppinger, founder of Annabelle in 1938.

In spite of progress made by Swiss women in many areas of life they remain vastly under-represented in the business world, the magazine notes.

Women account for just 11 percent of company directors and just three percent of CEOs.

These figures have remained static for years, although more woman than men in the country now have a university degree and overall they graduate with higher grades.

The magazine sees the establishment of a quota on a temporary basis as the only way to change the situation.

It suggests 30 percent for the management of companies with 200 or more employees, with the quota set in place for five years.

“We believe that there will be enough role models and door openers in this period so that women (afterwards) will be able to enter the boardroom without statutory help,” said Barbara Achermann, an editor for Annabelle.

The magazine’s campaign has won the support of leaders from the worlds of business and culture.

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