French officials lash out at Economist

by Malcolm Curtis|The Local, France|November 16, 2012

French officials are pouring scorn on a report by The Economist magazine that sharply criticizes France for failing to take the action needed to restore its economy.

The British magazine is calling France “the time-bomb at the heart of Europe” in its 14-page “special report”, published on Friday.

Subtitled, “Why France could become the biggest danger to Europe’s single currency”, the report warns “the crisis could hit as early as next year”.

Arnaud Montebourg, the Socialist government’s minister for reviving production, compared the Economist to a French satirical cartoon magazine.

“These are the kind of caricatures worthy of Charlie Hebdo because frankly The Economist has never been distinguished for its sense of moderation,” Montebourg told Europe 1 on Friday.

“It’s the Charlie Hebdo of the City,” he said, referring to London’s financial district.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Thursday night denounced the magazine, which uses the image of several baguettes being wired like a bomb on its cover, for being excessive.

French business leaders were also unhappy with what is being referred to as “French-bashing” by The Economist.

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