Swiss ‘Cronuts’ anger New York pastry creator

A Migros Cronut

by Malcolm Curtis|The Local Switzerland|September 3, 2013

The Cronut craze is hitting Switzerland but the New York-based inventor of the baked delicacy is upset because Swiss retailer Migros is selling versions of the pastries under the same name without his permission.

Migros backs off ‘bull’s penis’ dog chew labels (August  20, 2013)

A Cronut, in case you were wondering, is a cross between a doughnut and a croissant, produced by French pastry chef Dominique Ansel and sold at his bakery in Manhattan.

Invented in May, the desserts are selling at Ansel’s bakery, like, well, hot cakes.

Even at $5 each, customers are lining up two hours before the bakery opens to buy them, with sales now limited to two per person.

For the past two weeks customers of Migros supermarkets in Zurich and Lucerne have also been able to buy Cronuts, produced by the chain’s Jowa bakery.

But Ansel, who trademarked the Cronut in the US but not in Switzerland, is reportedly unhappy with the Swiss development.

“We were made aware that Migros copied our creation and stole our name,” Ansel’s bakery said a statement reported by Swiss media.

The statement described the move as “shocking,” adding that “Migros should know better than to steal from the culinary creativity of a baker, who invested much time and effort in his creations.”

The statement added that the bakery intended to register the Cronut brand in Switzerland.

But Migros said it filed to protect the name “cronut” in Switzerland on July 25th under Swiss commercial laws, Le Matin newspaper reported online on Tuesday.

“Mr. Ansel did not protect the name and does produce the pastry in our country,” the cooperative group said.

To read the full article, check The Local, Switzerland


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