Fast food giants top list of France’s recruiters

McDonald's ad

by Malcolm Curtis|The Local France|September 18, 2013

Forget all the negative press about unemployment. In 2014 there will be thousands of jobs going at the biggest and most successful companies in France. And a new survey of the biggest recruiters next year reveals that fast food giant McDonald’s is leading the way.

The survey, conducted for Le Figaro economie and released online this week, shows the American hamburger chain is planning to hire a whopping 42,000 employees in 2014, 1,500 more than it expects to take on this year.

Le Figaro surveyed 125 companies based in France, who were willing to divulge their recruitment plans for 2014.

Added up, the figures revealed the companies will be making over 200,000 job offers next year.

To find out which companies will be the major recruiters in France next year click on the link below.

The Top 10 recruiters in France in 2014

The recruitment drive by McDonald’s, or “McDo” as they are called in France, is part of a trend which shows that France’s fast food giants are leading the way in terms of job vacancies.

Other fast food restaurants also cracked the top-10 list of job hirers, including France Quick, the Belgian burger chain and KFC France.

Quick, France’s answer to MacDonald’s, plans to engage 8,000 new workers next year, down slightly from the 9,000 it expected to hire for 2013.

To read the full article, check The Local, France.


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