Swiss hospital germs cause hundreds of deaths

Doctors in operating room Swissnoso

by Malcolm Curtis|The Local Switzerland|October 28, 2013

Every year 600 deaths and 15,000 infections could be avoided in Swiss hospital operating rooms through better hygiene standards, says Swissnoso, an organization dedicated to reducing hospital-borne disease.

The organization says Switzerland lags behind other European countries when it comes to countering germs in healthcare facilities.

The federal public health office is now launching a national programme to reduce the number of cases of infection, the Tages Anzeiger newspaper reported on Monday.

A study showed that hands are disinfected by care givers in 60 percent of Swiss health facilities, with nursing staff being generally more conscientious than doctors, the newspaper said.

Swissnoso, a group of senior hygiene and infection specialists linked to the Zurich university hospital system, have since 1994 been promoting a checklist of measures, including “systematic hand washing”.

But the non-binding guidelines have not been enough to make a difference, the group says.

Switzerland falls below the European average and that of the US when it comes to hospital-borne infections, Swissnoso says.

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