PostBus sends ‘past due’ chocolate Christmas gifts

PostBus coach in Swiss mountains Photo: PostBus

by Malcolm Curtis|The Local Switzerland|December 11, 2013

PostBus Switzerland admits to mailing around 3,000 chocolate bars past their due date as Christmas gifts to regular customers.

The sweet presents — 100-gram bars of Torino chocolate manufactured by Swiss producer Camille Bloch — were sent out as a loyalty reward for 15,000 customers of the bus service last month.

“I found it super to get a candy in my mail but I can’t tell you my bitterness when I saw the past due date,” one of the recipients, identified as Dominique, told the 20 Minutes newspaper.

In her case the “best before” date was November 20th.

“It was really our fault and we are sorry for that,” PostBus spokeswoman Katharina Merkle told The Local on Wednesday.

The chocolate was sent last month by Swiss Post “but it wasn’t an express mailing,” Merkle said.

As a result, some customers only received the gifts last week and in around 3,000 cases the past due date had already passed, she said.

While the chocolate was fine when it was sent, the bars with the due date for the end of November “should have been destroyed,” Merkle said, describing the foulup as a “logistical problem”.

PostBus first learned of the problem last week and so far 30 customers have called to complain, she said.

The company has no way of knowing which of its customers received the out-of-date chocolate, Merkle said.

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