Cow bells ordered off after noise complaints

The residents of a hamlet live in homes adjoining a pasture where the farmer keeps some of his 27 cows.

The conflict, which has attracted national media attention, began around four years ago when residents asked the farmer to take the bells off cows who had come from mountain pastures.

In November 2014 he appealed an order from the local municipal council for a night ban on the cowbells, the Blick newspaper reported at the weekend.

But last week a court decided on a complete ban after organizing an on-site inspection, the newspaper said.

The court noted that even at a distance of 80 metres residents were exposed to loud noise from the bells, which are traditionally used to keep track of cows that graze on Alpine pastures in the summer.

The ruling noted that the cows were kept in a fenced enclosure so bells (Kuhglocken) were not necessary for locating the animals.

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