American International Club

The American International Club of Geneva has changed its website, so some of the following articles are not currently available via the Internet:

Former US diplomat encourages Americans to ‘engage with Cubans’

Head of Geneva government touts canton’s capacity for change

Geneva’s top justice official lays down the law

‘Politically incorrect’ billionaire offers candid assessment on US

Former IOC director-general highlights threats to sports

Adventurer Piccard inspires with Solar Impulse journey — and beyond

Presence Switzerland Ambassador Nicolas Bideau accentuates the positive

Venture capitalist Neil Rimer challenges Geneva to do more

Unilever’s mold-breaking boss touts ‘sustainable business’

Author James Breiding decodes the Swiss success story

A Maharaja combats India’s head injury crisis

The International Organization for Migration’s chief talks up a ‘mega-trend’

US Mission’s Peter Mulrean outlines ‘art of the possible’ in Afghanistan — and Switzerland

The eagle lands at AIC’s presidential election night bash

UNOG Director-General Kassym-Komart Tokayev calls for partnerships

Endeavour astronauts touch down at AIC luncheon

Geneva’s finance minister defends incentives for multinationals

Woody Brock seeks ‘new logic’ to end Washington gridlock


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